Victoria Portere

Certified mediator, attorney, certified psychologist

Since 1997, as attorney and mediator I specialize in civil, family, inheritance law , property management and purchase matters, matters and disputes arising from the employer-employee relationship.

My experience shows that the best way to resolve disagreements is an open dialogue between the parties, this dialogue allows each party to achieve a positive outcome. Negotiations are based on generally accepted principles of co-operation:

  • Co-operation
  • Mutual respect
  • Forgiveness

I believe that it is worth to try to resolve the dispute between the parties on their own before going to court.

The mediator is a negotiator who runs a constructive dialogue. The two parties are heard, understood and brought together in order to create a win-win outcome.

Conversations are confidential and aimed at an individual approach to each case.


Integrierte Mediation CertificateIntegrierte Mediation Certificate 2Adlerian Society CertificatePsychological-Counseling-small aplieciba CAP

Viktorija Portere

Victoria Portere

certified mediator,
certified psychologist

Phone. +371 29221053

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